Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little Garden Big Need

  This past Thursday I went to the Foodbank to help a bit as I do every Thursday but this one was different. My job is to help pull together after school snacks and usually this is no problem. Usually, but not this time. Where there is normally shelves of food to pull from there were mostly empty shelves and it was difficult to find enough of the product we needed to fill the required number of snacks. Turns out donations were actually up this summer but so was demand plus the hurricane and the results are sobering. I heard someone say that some of the programs may be suspended for a short time until they can fill the shelves. After some investigation I found out that the average donation is $5 or a few cans of food and that only a $1 donation pays for 5 meals. 
  Yesterday I planted my first ever fall/winter garden and I'm excited about the possibilities but yet I just can't stop thinking of how to help the Foodbank continue to feed or better yet to feed more. 
I have a small ecommerce website and I've put  "Foodbank Donation" as an item so if those who shop with us will donate $5 I will ship their order for free. But we need more than just what I can do.
  The question is how many will donate? How do we generate more donations at a time when most folks are just hanging on? If anyone out there reads this I would love to hear your suggestions on how to raise donations. Better yet if you can help me spread the word that there is a need it would be appreciated by so many. If you or anyone you know wants to send just $1 here is a link to the Foodbank...