Saturday, July 9, 2011


I read somewhere that if you have 5 friends in your lifetime you are very lucky. The description of a friend in this article was one you had from early in life on. I guess that is one way of describing a friend but lately I've been thinking about all the friends that have helped me along the way. Some I still have regular contact with and others haven't seen or heard from in years but they still have a place in my heart and memory. Life gets so busy and almost out of control that I just don't take the time to stay in contact as much as I should and yet I think of all those that have come and gone in my life regularly.
Recently I began helping a friend who is struggling a bit in her sales job. We meet weekly and discuss her troubles of the week and set up a plan to keep things on track and as a result I have gone back to basics in my selling as well. Can't ask someone else to follow a plan unless I am doing it myself.  I wasn't sure if the tidbits of experience were more helpful to her or me until recently when she called all excited about some positive results from following one of our plans. Her excitement didn't make me feel smart or inflate my ego but rather humble that even my experiences in life could help someone else. My mistakes are too many to count but if they help others not make the same mistakes then sharing them is good. It takes time and effort to help others but in doing so we are reminded of when we had troubles and friends stepped up to help. This friend I've known for less than a year so I don't think I agree with the definition that a friend is for life-maybe-but for me all those that I have the priviledge of helping along the way are friends and have value in my life.
It's priceless to give back and I should do more.

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