Friday, February 4, 2011

                                               Short Sales

Short Sales are my specialty they are not all I do but for the last 24 months they are most of what I sell. Some of the houses are bigger than others and of course some sell for more than others but there is one constant theme for all of them. All my short sales are good and decent folks who got caught up in a perfect economic storm. Some lost their jobs or if they have found new work it certainly isn't for the same income as before. Some had mortgages that increased in payments to the point they were not affordable any longer. They find themselves no longer able to make ends meet and they are devastated and don't know what to do. Having to sell their homes and move and start over again is an overwhelming task. They don't know who to call or what questions to ask.
If I am lucky they call me and when they do I get the priviledge to help calm their nerves and to give them a plan for moving on with their lives. When I arrive they are an emotional wreck and have tried to call and work with the Banks but no one there seems to have a plan. They don't want to foreclose or just walk away they want to do the right thing but the Banks don't offer any alternatives. Wish I knew why the Banks respond they way they do. What I do know is that there are alternatives and Short Sales are the best for you and the Bank and believe it or not the Banks prefer you to Short Sale. Yes it takes longer than the typical sale of a house but the conclusion is right for all concerned.
As a result of Short Sales the sellers get to move on and make their lives affordable again. Normal "For Sale" signs go in the yard and average folks like you and me come along and buy them knowing that the process takes a bit longer but the conclusions are the same. The seller gets to move on, the buyer gets the house they want and the Bank has a new mortgage.
Somehow it seems unfair but I get the most blessings from it all. There is nothing like helping folks who need your knowledge and expertise to put normalcy back in their lives. I walk in to frowns. fears and lots of questions sometimes even tears but when it's all done there are smiles and answers and new lives that don't stress at night instead of sleeping. Now that's what I call paying it forward.
It's my pleasure and my job to help.
How lucky am I to have such a good job!

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