Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Christmas

I said it is CHRISTMAS! Absolutely my favorite time of year. I love everthing that goes with it and nothing bothers me or ruins my mood. All the complaints about the commercials, the economy, the crowds, the traffic, the weather, etc, etc. Nope none of it can put a blanket on how I feel. My heart swells and beats a bit faster, my smile is bigger and I just can't wait to get at filling all the Christmas wishes of the family. Once the tree goes up and presents start to fill up the space around the tree I have a hard time sleeping in anticipation. Seriously I have to wait as late as I can to put up the tree so I can try to stay as calm inside as possible. Thank goodness my husband finds my child like behavior amusing.
Yes I've had my share of heart ache and some of it has occured during the Christmas season. Like the few Christmas' that my son was not at home or the passing of my father. Heartache and Christmas have gone hand in hand a few times in my life yet I just can't find it in my heart to be sad at Christmas time.
Christmas is what give gives me a reason to smile. It is the Birthday of Christ and the reason there is hope for tomorrow. Because of Christmas I will see all the loved ones who have gone before me someday and  I don't have to worry about tomorrow. Nothing in this world can dampen the hope and promise the season gives to me.
Gotta go now. I have meals to plan, presents to wrap, and of course I have to clean up before the family all gathers at my house for Christmas morning. It won't matter that in minutes you won't be able to see the clean house for the wrapping paper and boxes. Nope the only thing that matters are the smiles, surprises and tears of joy because for me Christmas brings Faith, Hope and Love.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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