Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthdays and Blessings

It's one of my best friends and my sisters birthday today which reminds me of how blessed I've been in my life. I met my friend Robin at camp over 40 years ago and she was none to impressed with me. At this camp we were assigned to dorms by age and when I arrived at my dorm she was adamant that I was not old enough to be in HER dorm. The fact that our birthday is the same day and year didn't seem to comfort her any. That week at camp gave me a life long friend that has always been there through the death of my parents, birth of my son and all of my lifes ups and downs. There is no price that can be put on knowing you can reach out any time of day or night and find a soul who truly cares about you. I read somewhere that 5 life long friends is the most anyone ever has....the kind of friend that is there no matter what life brings. I consider my friend Robin one of those blessings.
Technically my sister is my half sister meaning we have the same father and different mothers. Yet I can't imagine how being raised together could have possibly make us any closer. Shortly after our father died she came to live with me and it was an interesting household. My young son, my sister in her twenties and me in my late 30's. Very quickly it meshed and was a family not unlike any other......Ok well not exactly. She worked nights and I worked days.  A notebook in the kitchen was our form of communication. Soon she came to a crossroads in her life and the next thing you know she is in college and building a future.  Now she has a great job and about to marry in the Spring. My world is so much richer having her in my life and I can't imagine it without her.
Then there is my wonderful husband who has stood by me during a year of many changes in my life. He is always there with a smile and an assurance that all will be OK. When we said for better or for worse I had no idea the bulk of the worst would come in the first year of our marriage. Thanks to his determination and unwavying love our marriage is absolutely perfect for me. He is truly the 'better half" of this relationship and for better or worst I will be proud to stand by his side.
When I count the blessings in life my son is always the first one that comes to mind. By the world's standards he has many inabilities yet to me he couldn't be more perfect. He gives love without condition and he is as happy as he can be. The feeling I get when I see him smile is undescribable. I have learned way more from him than he will ever learn from me. Because of him I rarely have a bad day and when I do I just think of him and realize I have nothing but blessings in my life.
Happy Birthday to my Friend Robin and my sister Nicky. Thanks for being one of the many blessings in my life!

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