Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Vacation without Alice

Recently I was invited to spend a few days at a friend's place on the ocean in South Carolina. Typical working vacation, every morning the kitchen table was filled with laptops and we were all working til after breakfast was served which was usually eaten on the deck overlooking the water. Afternoons were spent on the beach with chair surfing optional. Then back to the house to watch the sunset. After showering and getting dressed dinner was either out to the local stops or we ate in.
As you may know the low country is rather famous for such things as moss hanging from the trees and it's local ghost stories. Well one evening the plan was for us to all go out to dinner and then to visit Alice's Grave. The story ( goes that Alice fell in love with a man that her Mother and brother did not approve of. The young man gave Alice a ring and in order to hide it she wore it around her neck on a ribbon. Eventually the ring was lost and Alice became very sick and died. The story goes that Alice is still looking for her ring and if you go there and Alice wants your ring it will fly off your finger. Or something like that ... just click the link and read the story for yourself.
Now back to my vacation. After dinner one night the girls decided that we would go visit Alice's grave at All Saints Church. I said nothing because I thought this idea would be forgotten once dinner and a few drinks were had. Well I was wrong. After drinks and dinner off to Alice's grave we went. Once the car was parked all got out except for me. Yes they teased me but I wasn't going to walk through a grave site in the dark of night. Sorry but I think somethings should be left alone and the dead is one of them. Off they go across the street and through the iron gate in the stone fence. I proceeded to call my husband on the cell and explain that if the girls didn't come back soon I was going to be the owner of a Volvo station wagon and 3 additional purses. He laughed of course but I was not kidding and was trying to decide what was a respectable time to wait before I left with the car. No sooner had my husband stopped laughing when here came the girls at a rather fast pace back across the street. They jump in the car and took off while beginning to tell me what caused their fast retreat. Seems All Saints Church has put up motion detector lights so as my friends were walking in the dark suddenly the lights come on and they claim all they heard was a continuous clicking sound. That's all it took for my brave friends to retreat back to the car. I got the last laugh!
My vacation was truly wonderful and I hope my host knows how grateful we were for her invitation. She freely gave us the comfort of her wonderful beach home and hospitality. Emma, thanks again for all the fun and laughter. All our batteries are recharged and we will have memories that will last a lifetime!

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