Sunday, March 28, 2010

Question: Why do I want to pay for a Home Warranty while my home is listed for sale?

Answer: There are several home warranties on the market so ask your Realtor which will benefit you and your home best but there are several reasons to buy a home warranty.
              1)  A home warranty gives the buyer some assurance that if an appliance or other item breaks within the first year of ownership they can simply call the warranty company and pay a small  fee and a repair man will come out and repair if possible or replace if necessary the broken item.
              2)  There is an option for the seller to be covered while the house is on the market and if during
                   the listing period something breaks it is covered with the home warranty
              3)  The cost of the warranty comes out of closing so there is no cash up front to pay for this
                   peace of mind.
              4)  Although no warranty pays for everything they can make a significant difference it what
                   it costs to repair/replace an item in your home. For example, the well pump goes out and
                   without the home warranty the bill was $450 to repair. With the home warranty the $60
                  fee you pay for the repair call is a savings of $390...that's alot!
              5)  If buyers see there is a Home Warranty on the house they can be sure that the seller
                  isn't trying to hide some defect.
These are just a few of the reasons to consider having a Home Warranty on the house you are selling.
So sellers talk with your Realtor and see which warranty is best for you. Don't forget this is a plus for
the buyers and can make a difference if it is your house they choose or another one.

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