Thursday, February 11, 2010

To Mom and Dad with Love

When we are very young our parents are heros and know everything but most importantly they are always there to protect and love us no matter what. How safe they make us feel.

Then we grow in height a bit and think they are still smart but becoming more and more restrictive for no reason whatsoever. Dad is so strong and Mom can fix anything. Suddenly all these rules. Still we feel loved and protected.

At adolescence they are more like prison guards and not heros at all. They keep telling us they are doing all they do because they love us. Yeah right! We are constantly in trouble but it always ends with how much they love us.

As teenagers we realize that they are not smart at all and in fact we wonder how they got to this stage in life which quite honestly seems rather boring. They don't have a clue about how hard and restrictive they are making our lives. They are old and out of touch. They keep telling us they are protecting us from the bad in the world.

As young adults we can't wait to make our own rules, live in our own houses and most importantly come and go as we please. We are not sure when BASIC needs like cable, cars, food and entertainment got sooooo expensive. Our parents are stuck on old saying and they just keep smiling at us when we are complaining like they know something we don't.

With young families of our own we strive to do it better and certainly differently than our parents did. We will stay young and be best friends with our children. Although this all seems much harder now than it appeared when we were younger. The good news is Mom and Dad are great babysitters.

Now our children are teenagers and we realize what our parents tried so hard to tell us was true. Still they had it much easier because times were less complicated and the world was much simplier. Our lives are so busy we just don't have time to spent with Mom and Dad.

Our children are out on their own now....finally time for us. Seems Mom and Dad need more help now and we've heard those old stories a thousand times. When will it all slow down a bit so there is time for us.

Suddenly Dad is gone. Why didn't I take more time to listen to his stories?  Holidays were so much fun when we were all together. Why did we only get together on Holidays? Life goes by so fast. He's been gone so long and yet it seems like yesterday. I remember so much with smiles and tears. He really was strong and so smart. I miss you Dad.

Now Mom's unexpectedly! So many times I could have called but just too busy. Didn't visit nearly as much as I should have. Life is so short. Plenty of memories that will bring smiles and tears. I'm so grateful for the time we spent together. Our differences didn't seem to matter any more. Nothing seemed more important than taking care of Mom. She was so pretty and always found a way to fix things.

Guess it's time for me to be strong and smart and fix things just like they taught me to do. How lucky I was to have loving parents.

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