Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where are the Instructions?

Mom Update... Luckily there was a one floor townhouse available in the same gated community so moving was much easier than anticipated. She finished rehab at the clinic and came home. Adjustments were being made and seemed to be settling down. After 4 weeks I came home to Virginia and called her to make sure all was going well. It was... well maybe a few hiccups but nothing serious. Last week my brother went out for a visit to check on everything and he was helping with errands, Doctor visits etc and all was going fine.
My phone rang and it was Mom's physical therapist saying she called the house to set up Mom's next appointment and my Stepfather says there is no need as Mom fell again and was taken to the hospital. Frantically I call my brother who had just left Mom's so they could rest and sure enough she had fallen. Off to the hospital he goes. Results were a fractured displaced femur! "Can you believe this" Mom says.
Last update was surgery planned for Monday. Don't know yet how long the hospital stay or rehab will take this time but we do know that this will not go as quickly or easily as the hip replacement.
Just spent a month out there and I can't go back right now therefore I am constantly worrying about what is going on and if she needs anything.
Going from being the child to being the caregiver is another thing in life that there is no way to prepare for. Ever notice that the most important things in life don't come with an instruction book? Children, marriage, growing older, taking care of parents all topics for a higher power than ourselves. We just have to keep believing in the power of prayer. Many times in life I've seen the results and now is one of those times in life when I'll be asking for help.
If anyone is reading this please remember my Mom in your prayers.

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