Friday, November 13, 2009

Comforting Your Parents

As a Realtor I often find myself selling a 2 story house and finding a rancher for folks who have begun having problems with the stairs. I've always understood why this is necessary for alot of us at some stage in life but from this day forward I will have emphathy for my clients situation.
My Mom moved to Las Vegas 17 years ago and she has absolutely loved the weather and atmosphere Vegas has. However time has taken it's toll on her and despite the family's prodding she has refused to come back home so family can be close in case she needs us.
Now I'm sitting in the Denver Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Las Vegas wondering how to make some very tough decisions regarding my Mom. You see she fell about 5 days ago and broke her hip. She's had surgery and pins etc. None of the family knew til 2 days ago as she hasn't been able to tell the Doctors to contact us. She is very confused and adamant about not comimg back to family on the east coast once rehab is over.  Plus my stepfather has the possible beginnings of alzehimers and is all alone at home.
Moral of this story. Life sneaks up on us all and we are showing ourselves and our family love by doing what we can to prepare. My heart goes out to all the families trying to give back the love and care that was once given to us by our parents.

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