Friday, October 23, 2009

House for Sale!

Truth is a house is a house. Some bigger, some have more rooms than others but they are all the same til someone makes one a home. Once it is a home then it has real value, a place to feel comfortable from a cold world or a bad day, a retreat from the daily grind, a place to grow that flower garden you always wanted. Doesn't matter how much you pay for it matters how much comfort and security it gives you. If owning a little piece of dirt with a house you decorate inside and out as you see fit is your dream then start here.

This solid house will make a great home for someone. It has all the average amenities, brick exterior, hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, remodeled kitchen with appliances, a den, office, living and dining rooms. Nothing spectacular. What it doesn't have is much more important. It doesn't have that special family or someone to make it comfortable with the smell of just baked cookies. It needs sock feet to make the hardwood floors warm in the winter. It needs to hear the back door open with the words "I'm home!" echoing down the hall.  It needs someone to care for its yard so it can be the proudest house on the block.

It's my job to turn this house into someone's home. 7309 Princess Anne Dr just waiting on YOU. What a great job!

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