Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

I'm a city girl myself, can't stand to be too far away from the lights of the city. I like the heart beat and constant change of city life. I happen to survive in the suburbs to accommodate the mental sanity of my loved ones. Having said that I can appreciate the very different needs of those who want the peace and quiet of the country life. Coming home to a quiet piece of earth that is larger than a postage stamp or better yet having property with water on it whether it be a creek, the river or best of all.. the ocean.
I recently showed a property that would appeal to most all of us. I thought it was awesome because it was 5-7 mins from downtown Short Pump (Ahh Life), it's backyard was mostly treed and had about 200ft of water frontage with a dock! Awesome. Established green green yard with shrubs, paved driveway and garage. All the extra amenities inside to please large families or couples who need space in order to stay away from marriage councelors.

My buyer however saw the house from a completely different point of view. He saw the water and dock and that fact that he heard NOTHING pleased him very much. He loved the fact that once he turned off the road to his paved driveway that he saw no neighbors. He had space for his cars and boat and just about any other machine he wanted to have. No homeowners association to tell him what he could and could not do with his property. Inside he saw room after room where he could put big screen TV's, computers and anything else that would entertain him without leaving the house.

Same house two completely different views. Love this job and thanks to all those who let me help find just the right home for them.

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