Sunday, December 27, 2009

I recently came across this basic list of what sellers should consider to get a vacant property sold. Plus doing these things and more can keep the property from being targeted as vacant and thus vulnerable to invasion.

Give the house a lived-in look. Get a neighbor or family member to make the house look occupied by parking a car in the driveway, opening and closing the drapes and taking in any mail. A simple timer on a lamp can give that lived in look.
Groom the yard. Use a lawn service during the summer to keep the grass cut and a snow removal service in the winter to scrape the walks and driveway. Simply raking the leaves in the fall can make all the difference.
No outstanding nicks. Hide the effects of missing furniture. Paint and replace rugs so there are no faded spots or blemishes on the walls. Cover accent paint that alone looks odd.
Leave some furniture. A few chairs, tables, lamps and beds (or empty mattress boxes with spreads) give buyers a sense of space. Plus it helps them picture their own furniture in the room.
Keep the utilities on. Set the thermostat at a comfortable level during the winter and summer. This is a must in order to get the property sold not to mention it keeps pipes from freezing in the winter and floors from warping in the summer.
Hire a cleaning service. Make sure the home remains spotless. Or do light cleaning yourself saves money and helps keep you aware of any changes that might be occuring with the property.
Check the homeowner’s policy. Understand the coverage when the home is vacant. This is very important and can save the day if a problem occurs.
These are just some of many tips to consider when leaving a home vacant and on the market for sale. In these economic times there are many reasons for having to leave a house vacant but being smart about it can save you from more headaches.

If you would like more information on short sales or selling a house that just isn't worth the mortgage call  or email and learn how to get out from under a mortgage that just isn't affordable any longer.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Comforting Your Parents

As a Realtor I often find myself selling a 2 story house and finding a rancher for folks who have begun having problems with the stairs. I've always understood why this is necessary for alot of us at some stage in life but from this day forward I will have emphathy for my clients situation.
My Mom moved to Las Vegas 17 years ago and she has absolutely loved the weather and atmosphere Vegas has. However time has taken it's toll on her and despite the family's prodding she has refused to come back home so family can be close in case she needs us.
Now I'm sitting in the Denver Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Las Vegas wondering how to make some very tough decisions regarding my Mom. You see she fell about 5 days ago and broke her hip. She's had surgery and pins etc. None of the family knew til 2 days ago as she hasn't been able to tell the Doctors to contact us. She is very confused and adamant about not comimg back to family on the east coast once rehab is over.  Plus my stepfather has the possible beginnings of alzehimers and is all alone at home.
Moral of this story. Life sneaks up on us all and we are showing ourselves and our family love by doing what we can to prepare. My heart goes out to all the families trying to give back the love and care that was once given to us by our parents.

Friday, October 23, 2009

House for Sale!

Truth is a house is a house. Some bigger, some have more rooms than others but they are all the same til someone makes one a home. Once it is a home then it has real value, a place to feel comfortable from a cold world or a bad day, a retreat from the daily grind, a place to grow that flower garden you always wanted. Doesn't matter how much you pay for it matters how much comfort and security it gives you. If owning a little piece of dirt with a house you decorate inside and out as you see fit is your dream then start here.

This solid house will make a great home for someone. It has all the average amenities, brick exterior, hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, remodeled kitchen with appliances, a den, office, living and dining rooms. Nothing spectacular. What it doesn't have is much more important. It doesn't have that special family or someone to make it comfortable with the smell of just baked cookies. It needs sock feet to make the hardwood floors warm in the winter. It needs to hear the back door open with the words "I'm home!" echoing down the hall.  It needs someone to care for its yard so it can be the proudest house on the block.

It's my job to turn this house into someone's home. 7309 Princess Anne Dr just waiting on YOU. What a great job!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When something breaks or just stops working in my house I just have to try to fix it. Now I've tried everything from electrical to plumbing to sheet rock. Currently working on a new deck....surely going to be the longest time in history to build a deck. But when the projects are all done I feel good about having done it myself.
For those of you who have no desire to DIY but rather have repairmen on your list of contacts I have the house for you.
Just showed this row house in a great neighborhood today. This all brick house has been completely renovated. Original all wood floors have character and look wonderful. Great paint job with all details done. Living room, dining room and wonderful small but all updated kitichen. These renovators left nothing out. Updated electrical and new lighting everywhere. Upstairs 2 bedrooms each with an area that can be a reading nook (or a host of other options), plenty of closets, all new bath ceramic tile and lots and lots of light from large windows. Front porch, rear deck that leads to a fully fenced backyard. The backyard is just the right size for entertaining. This house is truly Move in Ready plus the price is right! You can walk to shops, dinner or the movies.
It's true I'm a fan of the older homes in our area. This house is almost 90 years old yet it is not only still standing it is beautful and solid as a rock. New life has been breathed into this old house, the price is affordable making it a great first time home or beautiful home for someone downsizing. The area is perfect for weekends spent walking among the local shops and restaurants.
Another wonderful house in Richmond just waiting on the next owner to make it a home.  Can't wait to find a buyer who will love this house just as I do.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Needed 100+ Acres

Today I need your help. I have a buyer who is looking for 100+ acres to lease/purchase. This land needs to be within 1 hour ( give or take) of Richmond, Va. Suitable for cattle. Perfect if it had fencing and a barn but will consider just
grazing land.

My buyer also has 10 acres with water/pond to sell or trade. This property is located in
Goochland County. You can build on or divide into 2 parcels. Awesome location.

If you have or know of someone who has land you think will work please contact me at 804-412-2359

Monday, September 14, 2009

HGTV and DIY all in One!
Check out this cutie ...OK so I'm looking at it with HGTV eyes. I can see some weekends spent on curb appeal with new shrubs and some color. Fresh coat of paint on the porch. See Cute!
Seriously this 2 bedroom 700 sq ft (approx) bungalow will make a great home for the right individual or new family. A single with DIY skills or Dad/Mom and small child. I'm telling you this has sooooooooooooo much potential.

Think about it $74,900 asking price less $8000 tax credit less negotiations from a good agent (me, the negotiations are the best part) nets payments including home owners of under $700 month! Of course you could find a place to rent for close to that...MAYBE but this you would great is that!

I can't wait to show this to one of my buyers later this week. The Dad has DIY skills plus. If they make this house their home it will knock your socks off in a year...I know cause I've seen this Dad do it before.
Family grows and down the road this will make a great rental property and they will have retirement income already working for them. WIN WIN

There are gems like this one in our market and it is so much fun (really) to find them. The hunt is one of the things that makes this so much fun. Never boring, Never the same. Awesome fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

I'm a city girl myself, can't stand to be too far away from the lights of the city. I like the heart beat and constant change of city life. I happen to survive in the suburbs to accommodate the mental sanity of my loved ones. Having said that I can appreciate the very different needs of those who want the peace and quiet of the country life. Coming home to a quiet piece of earth that is larger than a postage stamp or better yet having property with water on it whether it be a creek, the river or best of all.. the ocean.
I recently showed a property that would appeal to most all of us. I thought it was awesome because it was 5-7 mins from downtown Short Pump (Ahh Life), it's backyard was mostly treed and had about 200ft of water frontage with a dock! Awesome. Established green green yard with shrubs, paved driveway and garage. All the extra amenities inside to please large families or couples who need space in order to stay away from marriage councelors.

My buyer however saw the house from a completely different point of view. He saw the water and dock and that fact that he heard NOTHING pleased him very much. He loved the fact that once he turned off the road to his paved driveway that he saw no neighbors. He had space for his cars and boat and just about any other machine he wanted to have. No homeowners association to tell him what he could and could not do with his property. Inside he saw room after room where he could put big screen TV's, computers and anything else that would entertain him without leaving the house.

Same house two completely different views. Love this job and thanks to all those who let me help find just the right home for them.